JAIPUR to KOTA RUN by Mr. Amit Chaturvedi – First Longest City to City Run by any Runner of Kota

If You Want Others to Believe In You, Then Show Them Something to Believe In. Leading by example and taking the longest running feat is how we choose to promote the goodness of running among the people of Kota. 

To spread health & fitness awareness amongst people , focusing on health awareness of females of the society , our Founder Director, Mr. Amit Chaturvedi took this real enduring initiative to run  a total distance of 250 Kms in 5 Days, from JAIPUR to KOTA from 5th Feb to 9th Feb 2020. Starting from Jaipur and ending at Shaheed Smarak, Kota, the run was the first longest city to city run from Kota and a real-time test of his will, strength and endurance.

Running Training Sessions: To introduce running as a fitness sport among the women fraternity of all age groups in Kota, several running training sessions were organized on regular basis by our Founder Director, Mr. Amit Chaturvedi. The main focus of these sessions was:

  1. How to start running for beginners
  2. Warm Up & Cool Down Stretching
  3. Tips & Techniques for Injury-free Running

Promo-Run with Rotary Club, Kota: A short pomo-run of 5 Kms was organized free of cost in association with Rotary Club, Kota. The run was flagged- off by RPS Mitali Garg and RPS Alok Singh Ji. More than 100 females participated actively in the run which was accompanied with healthy snacks and hydration from our team along with loads of fun.

Promotion in Schools: Team FSRC visited several schools of Kota so as to encourage the young students to be mindful of their health and fitness. The main focus of these visits was to promote a healthy lifestyle and to introduce to these students the various benefits of running. After all, a healthy body breeds a healthy mind.

Upcoming Promotional Activities:

To spread Fitness awareness and to promote ThePinkRun , Director,The PinkRun  Mr. Amit Chaturvedi, this year is going to come as a big surprise with the longest ever running distance. Starting from India Gate, Delhi to Shaheed  Smarak, Kota, he will be covering the longest distance of 515Kmsin 8 Days which has never been done before by any runner of Kota. This enduring run will mark the grand beginning of this year’s The Pink Run.

Along with this several other promo runs like

 “The Saree Run “ ( free for all) ,

“ The Fearless Run” ( free for all),

other promo-runs with various NGOs and clubs etc. will also be organized throughout the month. On the parallel, we will also be providing free running training sessions for the interested females of the city.